We Plan Incredible Celebrations.

Whether you are planning a dinner party for eight and looking for the perfect wines to pair with each course or throwing a large party requiring multiple kegs and signature cocktails, Southern Spirits is here to help your celebration be a success.

Free Party Planning

Our beer manager will make ordering a keg a snap. We can help you estimate how many beers you will need and have it ice cold and ready for you when you pick it up.

What wine pairs best with sea bass? How many bottles are perfect for your event? Our wine manager will assist you with finding excellent wines at the very best prices. Just tell us your budget and we will work with you to delight your guests!

Nothing shows your party guests that you have planned a fantastic event like having a signature cocktail. Much more effective than offering mixed drinks, a cocktail that everyone will love is the goal of every host.

We have countless ideas and recipes both in the store and on our website that will help your party be the celebration of the year!

Unopened Return Policy

Don’t forget our return policy ensure that you can return your unopened products for a full refund!

You won’t find that anywhere but Southern Spirits.

How Much Will You Need?

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